Current Projects

Look here to find information on projects currently under construction to enhance or expand water or wastewater service. 

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Sinking Creek Highway Water Project

This waterline extension will serve up to 11 homes east of Dungannon.  It will include an interconnection to the existing water main owned by Castlewood Water & Sewage Authority.  In October 2016, the PSA received construction funds for this project from LENOWISCO Planning District Commission.  The PSA crew will begin construction of the waterlines in March 2017 with completion in summer 2017. 

Big Stoney Creek Water Project

As of March 15, 2017, this project is complete and in service.  The PSA crew constructed this new water main from Veterans Memorial Highway north to Hunters Valley East Road.  The new waterlines extend water service to approximately 34 homes and 81 persons.

Boozy Creek Phase 3 Water Main

Construction of the third phase of the Boozy Creek water system began in March 2016 by the contractor, SB Construction of Clintwood, Virginia.  This project consisted of approximately 16,900 feet of 8-inch, 4,000 feet of 6-inch, and 500 feet of 2-inch diameter pipe along Bristol Highway from Stage Road to Shelley's Road and up Federal Road.  The project was completed in December 2016.