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Construction Underway on Big Moccasin Water System

If you are on Nickelsville Highway/Route 71, look for our latest water construction project.  On May 30, Little B of Castlewood, Virginia, began construction of Phase 1 of the Big Moccasin Water System, our latest effort to bring public water to unserved areas of the County.  This new water system will get water via the Gate City waterworks.  The Big Moccasin water mains will begin just east of Mountain View Market and extend to Pin Oak Circle.  With sufficient funding, we plan on future phases of the Big Moccasin system to bring much needed safe drinking water to Snowflake and then up Big Moccasin possibly as far as the Russell County line.

Water Main Break Powell Mtn Area

To water customers on Powell Mountain Road, Hillside Lane, and vicinity:  Powell Mountain Road has continued to slide this week and as a result has broken the temporary water main SCPSA installed last Tuesday.  Our crew is repairing it today and we expect to have the water back on Saturday afternoon, April 29.  Once water service is restored, we recommend customers flush out each water faucet and tap in their home or building until the water is clear. We regret this inconvenience and are working to restore your service.  Please read the General Notice on Water Outages under "News & Notices".

Water Outage, Bristol Highway Area

Notice of Water Outage

To PSA Water Customers along Bristol Highway from near the old VDOT Shop to Nottingham Road, including Jayne Hill Circle and Whitt Drive:

As of about 11:15 am April 13, 2017, there is an interruption in your water service due to a water main break that our maintenance crew is currently repairing.  The repairs may take a few hours to complete.

After your water comes back on, we recommend you open all the taps in your house one at a time and flush them until the water clears.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this temporary water outage.  If you have any questions, please call our office.

Thank you for letting us serve you!

New Easy Bill Payment Method

We are pleased to offer our customers a new option for paying their water and sewer bills to make life a little easier and simpler and save time and money:  Automatic Bank Draft, also known as ACH payment.  The details are on the bill payment page of our website.

Water fluoridation is a good thing!

And it is the right thing to do because it is good for dental health, it is safe, and it is cheap.  Scott County PSA has a long history of fluoridated drinking water and we plan on continuing this service for the benefit of our customers.  The Kingsport Times-News has an excellent article today on this subject.


Hazardous Subfreezing Weather Coming: Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

Please click on our News & Notices tab and select and read the article "Prevent Frozen Water Pipes".